Planned Solar Siting Saves Farmland

On March 8th at 7 PM, Kent Conservation and Preservation Alliance will be participating in a live Wildlife, Energy, & Community Coalition event.

Stand Together for Maryland: Planning for Solar.

You are invited to join the Live Stream on YouTube or Facebook.  You can also register on Eventbrite.  

The event brings together Maryland residents and organization with experience in the areas of planning, farming, and land preservation to discuss the issues around environment, land use and costs associated with the Renewable Portfolio Standard, particularly for the in-state solar carve out.  

Where will we put it? Are there ways of planning the siting of solar that maximizes benefits and minimizes the negative impacts?  

As we set about to total restructure the generation and delivery of energy, shouldn’t we be spending the time necessary to make sure we are planning the best path forward to a clean, reliable and most importantly conflict free energy future.  

The session will conclude with questions from the viewers to a panel of participants.