Urbanizing a Rural Landscape

There are 11 buildings in Philadelphia, 1 in Washington D.C. (the Washington Monument), one in Virginia Beach, 0 in Baltimore, Richmond and Wilmington over 500 feet tall.

The Apex Industrial Wind installation would place 25-50 (depending on which Apex statement you read) wind turbine structures over 500 feet tall in the middle of Kent County on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

It would effectively create an urban landscape in a historically rural environment, one with spinning blades proven harmful to birds, raptors and waterfowl, flashing lights and noise that has potential harmful effects on humans and farm animals. The impact on Kent County’s panoramic landscape and the community would be profound and irreversible.

However, the real tragedy is that this project can potentially go forward without the consent of Kent county citizens and with no regard to existing Planning and Zoning regulations.

If you would like to help stop the Mills Branch Industrial Wind Project, please sign our petition, write your legislators or volunteer to help Keep Kent Scenic spread the word about the misconceptions of Industrial Wind Turbines and “Green Energy”

Industrial Wind Turbines