Keep Kent Scenic organizer William Graham speaks to Kent County Council of Governments


MILLINGTON – Officials from various towns listened to wind farm opposition Wednesday, May 20, during the monthly Kent County Council of Governments meeting at Two Tree Restaurant in Millington.

William Graham of Galena, organizer of Keep Kent Scenic, was the guest speaker at the meeting. He provided those attending with background information on his organization and the proposed wind farm project.

Developed by Apex Clean Energy, the project calls for 25 to 35 500-foot-tall wind turbines to be placed in the Kennedyville area. Graham, along with other local residents and county officials, have strongly objected the idea of a wind farm.

Graham said he, and like-minded citizens, formed the organization several months ago to “help preserve Kent County’s way of life.”

“People have worked hard for that and we want to keep it that way,” he said. Recently, Keep Kent Scenic has joined forces with the Queen Anne’s Conservation Associated to stand against Apex.

Graham gave several reasons on his stance against the wind farm, such as how it will alter Kent County’s topography and wildlife, and said Keep Kent Scenic has “been gathering momentum” among supporters. He also said it is in the process of becoming a nonprofit organization and will begin sponsoring public meetings in July.

Graham recommended that municipal officials find out how their constituents feel about Apex’s project, then “take action” by writing the county commissioners and other representatives about each town’s stance. He also invited them to attend the meetings and do research into the project.

“If you got value in something, don’t you want to protect it?” he asked the town officials.

County Administrator Ernie Crofoot also recommended the same course of action. He said if Apex’s project application to the Public Service Commission is approved, then a public hearing would take place in Kent County.

“If it happens, I can safely say the commissioners intend to be a part of that hearing,” Crofoot said. “Other people need to make a real show of force about how they feel about this issue.”

He said groups like Keep Kent Scenic are important, because “public opposition will be the deciding factor that turns the tide.” He said if the towns formed an unified front, the pressure will be on the PSC to make its decision.

“People are saying ‘Well, we like clean energy.’ So does Kent County,” Graham said. “But it’s the siting and the scale that’s important. We don’t oppose wind energy here, we just want to control it.”