The last public meeting before an announcement by Maryland Transportation Authority of the potential corridors for a third Bay Bridge is Thursday May 10th:
Kent County Middle School
Thursday May 10,2018
6-8 PM
402 E Campus Ave
Chestertown, MD 21620
The format for the meeting is designed to minimize community activism and public debate.  Instead of using a traditional formal presentation followed by open mike, question and answer format, MDTA staff will sit at tables around the room and individuals will approach alone or in small groups to present comments or ask questions.
To counter this attempt to diffuse discussion, KCPA will make a presentation directly to the MDTA representatives at 6:30. Our attorney, John Murphy, will use maps created by Washington College GIS to illustrate our position that, according to statute, MDTA must fully consider Prime Farmland, Permanently Preserved Farmland Easements, Soils of Statewide Importance and Historic Resources in making its decision to site a third span.
MDTA has pledged to post meeting materials on its website in advance of Thursday’s meeting and KCPA will share that information on our website as soon as it is available. We will provide handouts at the meeting to explain the purpose and need statement and screening process to facilitate questions and comments.  Participants can also pick up a No Bay Bridge to Kent yard sign.
Public engagement in the Tier 1 EIS study for the Chesapeake Bay Crossing is one of the few tools we have to influence the outcome of MDTA’s corridor designation.  We encourage you to be part of that process and bring your friends to signal to MdTA of Community-wide concerns.  
Whether or not you attend, please plan to send written comments following the meeting as community input is vital in the process. 
Please feel free to contact KCPA if you have questions.